Frequently asked questions

What service does Essedrop offer?

You can upload files saved in your computer, tablet PC, or smartphone and share them with your friend. You can upload files to Essedrop immediately then the files are on the Internet.

What makes Essedrop different from any other file sharing service?

Just upload your file to Essedrop, and Essedrop will instantly give you a link whenever you click the file you want to share.

I can’t upload my files.

The file can be uploaded when your email is verified. If you haven’t done, please do so before you upload anything to Essedorp. If you still have a problem with uploading, please contact us.

I did not receive a verification email.

Please check your email address one more time. If the address is correct, please check the spams. Your mailbox may take the verification mail as spam.

How do I delete the profile picture?

You can delete your profile picture by changing it to the default image.

Please copy the following URL and paste the link in the image section on Settings > Avatar URL.